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Multicultural Greek Council

Interested in Multicultural Greek Life?

The beauty of MGC Recruitment is its individuality. Each of our Chapters has the opportunity to host the recruitment events that showcase who they are. With that being said, MGC does host a few recruitment events as a whole council. If you're interested in joining a Chapter within MGC, fill out the form below and we will send you more information about our council! Additionally, if you know which chapters you're interested in, feel free to contact their Recruitment Chairs directly! Their contact information can be found below. 

MGC Recruitment Teams

Alpha Phi Gamma

Sorority, Inc

Kappa Phi Lambda
Sorority, Inc

Delta Phi Omega

Sorority, Inc

Fiona Lee - President:

Sigma Lambda Gamma

Sorority, Inc

Zayra Flores - VP of Recruitment: 

Elena Atiles - VP of Recruitment: 


Sigma Psi Zeta

Sorority, Inc


Beta Chi Theta

Fraternity, Inc

Sahil Patel - President:

Lambda Phi Epsilon
Fraternity, Inc.


Pi Delta Psi
Fraternity, Inc

Jordan Huang:

Khoa Tran:

Sigma Lambda Beta
Fraternity, Inc

Richard Gavilan-Blaz: 

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