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Multicultural Greek Council

Alpha Phi Gamma
Mu Chapter

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The purpose of this organization is to bring together all women of different nationalities through bonds of friendship and Sisterhood. Alpha Phi Gamma exists to provide service and Asian-Awareness to the University and the surrounding communities for the betterment of society. It promotes scholarship and academic excellence, personal development and leadership.

We strive to provide a space for our members and for the members of our community to come together in order to lift each other up to success. Our events promote friendship and Sisterhood between all women and also serve as a call to action to eliminate violence against women, alert and educate the public, empower victims/survivors of domestic abuse and to unite our voices. Alpha Phi Gamma exists to provide service, whether it is towards Asian-Awareness or domestic violence awareness or other worthy causes, to the University and the surrounding communities for the betterment of society.

History of Alpha Phi Gamma:

Alpha Phi Gamma emerged in the Fall of 1993 and became a reality on February 1st, 1994, as the first Asian-American Interest Sorority on the campus of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. The Founders were Allex Choi, Candy Cunanan, Christine Nguyen, Sandie Rillera, Kolleen Kim, Grace Hsieh and Jennifer Oku. These Sisters wanted to bring together all women of different nationalities through the bonds of friendship and sisterhood. The sorority was established to promote service and Asian-Awareness to the University and to the community, allowing for all different nationalities to discover what other cultures have to offer. Alpha Phi Gamma's basis is it's pride in being open to new ideas and the understanding of the lifestyle of an Asian American woman.


​​In the hopes of creating strong minded leaders, Alpha Phi Gamma strives to provide opportunities for its members and for all women of different nationalities within our campus and our communities. We work alongside different organizations in order to hold academic, social, fundraising, service and philanthropy events. Our philanthropy events are geared towards raising awareness of the different nationalities, cultures and heritages we encounter everyday as well as towards raising awareness of the fight against violence towards women. Our Sisters seek to spread awareness of this cause to build support in our communities year-round. ​

Mu Chapter History:

​​On October 9, 2009, the Asian Sorority Interest Group (ASIG), was founded by Kaonue Xiong to create a foundation for women to form bonds of friendship, and most importantly, sisterhood. Determined to bring an organization that will last an eternity, Angeline Heng, Elizabeth Kong, Choua Lee, Pang Zong Nancy Moua, Stacy Nou Moua, Sheng Thao, Nikita Nachao Vang, Kaonue Xiong, Mai Te Xiong and May Yang were inducted as Alpha Phi Gamma's Charter "Classics" Class at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities on June 15, 2014.

By embracing and celebrating the differences of each sister, we empower women to reach their fullest potential and to create a strong community. Our mission is to promote growth through higher education, scholarship, professional opportunity, networking, and community service. Our hopes are to engrave in every Sister's heart an unforgettable bond that will last a lifetime. This legacy shall continue with each woman that enters our Sisterhood.


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