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Parent FAQ

How much does fraternity life cost?

All fraternity chapters on campus who are governed by IFC charge their members in the form of "chapter dues." These costs vary between chapters. Further, these costs are different for new members, versus members living in the house, versus members not living in the house, etc. Check with your prospective chapter for updated financial information. 

Do fraternities provide housing?

Most of the fraternities governed by IFC operate chapter houses on the University of Minnesota campus, which provide the opportunity for small-group living. Since the membership recruitment process happens during the school-year, students should secure their own housing before considering living in a chapter house. Typically, freshman and transfer students live on-campus in residence halls or apartments, and many then move into fraternity houses their second year (residence hall contracts are on an annual basis). 

What is new member initiation like?

Most organizations require their members to complete a probationary period, sometimes called "pledgeship" prior to initiation for the purpose of orientation and member development. During this time, you'll learn the rich history, traditions, and operating procedures of the organization and participate in activities to get to know the members better.

Organizations use various terms to refer to their pre-initiates, including "pledge," "new member," "associate member," or "candidate." 

The duration of the new member period varies between chapters but typically will not exceed one semester. Some chapters require new members to achieve a certain grade point average during their new member period, and beyond, to maintain affiliation with the chapter. 

How much does a fraternity cost?

Do fraternities provide housing?

What is new member initiation like?

Do fraternities haze at UMN?

Do I need to worry about alcohol use?

How can I contact a fraternity chapter?

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