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Multicultural Greek Council

Beta Chi Theta
Lambda Chapter

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Service to Hummanity



Statement from Beta Chi Theta

Beta Chi Theta is a social fraternity here at the University of Minnesota built on brotherhood, culture, service, and academics! We are the only fraternity on campus that is in multiple greek councils: The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) and Interfraternity Council (IFC). As a nonexclusive south asian interest organization, Beta Chi Theta strives to be one of the most diverse fraternities on campus with brothers of 30+ ethnicities. Not only do we provide a place where brothers feel belonged and included, but we also provide opportunities to make life long relationships, expand networks, and gain experience for career development! We believe professional development is key to your undergraduate years and much can be accomplished with access to countless alumni, national brothers from over 30+ chapters, workshops, discussions, and national events! Since establishing at the University of Minnesota in 2006, brothers have gained countless memories and friendships that go beyond their undergraduate years.


Mission & Vision

"Brotherhood, the main principle on which Beta Chi Theta stands, has allowed seemingly different individuals to unite as one for a single cause. Carrying out tradition, providing service to humanity, promoting South Asian awareness, striving for academic excellence, and creating a nationwide network are the other five principles upheld by our grand fraternity that molds our gentlemen into passionate, successful, and responsible leaders.

These principles are the unifying factors that tie every brother across the United States together and form the foundation of beliefs that characterize our gentlemen. Beta Chi Theta represents the means by which students of any ethnicity, socioeconomic class, or geographic location may come together and form a bond of brotherhood that lasts a lifetime while embracing the South Asian culture that our beliefs support."


Fraternity History

In the spring of 1999, eight young men had a vision to create a Social Fraternity in California steeped in South Asian culture. The inspiration for Beta Chi Theta was the embodiment of the bond of Brotherhood those eight shared with one another. Months of diligent, dedicated, and passionate efforts laid the groundwork for Beta Chi Theta, most notably the six pillars upon which this grand fraternity proudly stands. Built upon the keystone of Brotherhood, the other five pillars of this fraternity are Tradition, Service to Humanity, South Asian Awareness, Academic Excellence, and a unified Nationwide Network.​

On June 2nd, 1999, the University of California Los Angeles recognized Beta Chi Theta as an official fraternity and granted it membership into its Interfraternity Council. While the inception of the fraternity began months prior to June 2nd, 1999, that date was chosen as the official Founding Date to commemorate the establishment of Beta Chi Theta, becoming the first and only South Asian Fraternity to be a part of the Interfraternity Council. 


"Beta Chi Theta actively seeks to promote service to humanity through engagement within the local communities of its respective chapters and colonies. Service to humanity is one of the six pillars that defines the foundation of the organization.  We chose our pillar to be Service to humanity, instead of service, or community service, because we want our service to be for the betterment of humanity.  We want to provide service for a reason, service for a cause, service where it’s needed, not just service to do service.  Brothers across the country participate in service both directly and indirectly through organizational activities. The fraternity encourages members to give back to the community in which they are fostered, help those in need, and mentor those who look up to them.

Nationally, regionally, and locally, we work with many non-profit organizations to support numerous causes that bind us together as a brotherhood. We believe that through our outreach we can impact the lives of many around us and simultaneously, become closer to one another.  The most interesting aspect of our pillars is that they do not stand alone but are deeply intertwined in our achievements and establishments.

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