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Multicultural Greek Council

Delta phi omega
Alpha Alpha Chapter

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Mission & Vision:

Delta Phi Omega was founded on the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities campus on May 1, 2011. The hard work of nine passionate founding mothers has now grown into a network of over 50 sisters. UMTC Colony has walked away with several national awards, and dedicates its time and service to Children's Literacy and Education. We have also been recognized on campus for our recruitment and contributions to Multicultural Greek Life. Sisters from our colony have been recognized as Woman of the Year and as Multicultural Greek Council's President and Secretary. We hope in the coming years that Multicultural Greek Life continues to flourish on this beautiful campus!

Chapter History:

Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. was established at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities on May 1, 2011 by nine driven ladies. These ladies wanted more out of their college experience. They wanted to be more engaged on campus and in the community. Most of all, however, they wanted to build strong friendships and connections that would last beyond college.

They agreed that Greek Life at the University of Minnesota needed to include Greek organizations that represented more diverse student ethnicities and groups. Through hard work, sacrifice, dedication and perseverance, they brought Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. to the University of Minnesota. The addition of one of the largest, strongest and fastest-growing South Asian interest sororities is a huge accomplishment for the nine Founding Mothers.  


Backed by the principles set forth by our National Founding Mothers: honesty, respect, loyalty, friendship and sisterhood,  the founding "Ensemble" class of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Colony aspire to strengthen the presence and improve the advancement of multicultural women in Greek life and on campus.



Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. is steadfast in its mission to transcend the traditional notions of a sorority by utilizing the power and passion of our sisterhood. Through our commitment to service, the sisters of Delta Phi Omega go above and beyond to ensure the spirit of volunteerism lives on. 

Our paramount objective to bring awareness and continual support to children's education and literacy. The sisters of Delta Phi Omega are doing their part to ensure that each child is given the power to read and obtain a befitting education, by educating the public on the epidemic of illiteracy, fundraising for our philanthropic partners, and volunteering in literacy and educational settings. This mission has been realized most publicly through the sorority's annual Literacy Through Unity week, a national initiative which to date has risen over $34,000 for children's education and literacy.

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