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Formal Recruitment

at the University of Minnesota

Any questions about recruitment can go to the Panhellenic Recruitment Team at
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The Formal Recruitment process happens each fall and allows potential new members(PNMs) to see the 11 National Panhellenic Conference sororities on the University of Minnesota's campus. Each day PNMs visit chapters to learn more about their sisterhood, philanthropy, and values, allowing each to see a variety of options in a short period of time. Follow @umnpanhellenic on Instagram for recruitment tips, news, and to learn more about our community!

This Fall 2024, Formal Recruitment will take place completely in person. All recruitment plans are based on current University guidelines.

2024 Formal Recruitment Dates:

Open House Round: Saturday, August 31th and Sunday September 1st

Values Round: Monday, September 2th

Philanthropy Round: Thursday, September 5th and Friday, September 6th

Preference Round: Sunday, September 8th

Bid Day: Sunday, September 8th after Preference Round

Thank you so much for your interest in Panhellenic Recruitment! I am so excited to have you on campus this fall and can’t wait for you to find your home in the Panhellenic community. The Panhellenic council acknowledges that recruitment falls during a very busy time of year, and you may have scheduling conflicts. The Panhellenic recruitment team is able to provide resources and accommodations for any excused absence or conflict. Official university events, religious observance, immovable work commitments, and/or illness/emergency are considered excused absences. University events include any university athletic team practice, marching band practice, cheerleading team practice, orientation or any of the living/learning communities' programming, etc.. After registering for recruitment, you will have the opportunity to let us know more about your conflicts and what schedule adjustments you might need. Enjoy your summer, and I am looking forward to welcoming you into the Panhellenic community soon! 

Breaking down each day of recruitment

Every round of recruitment, PNMs talk with their recruitment counselor (Rho Alpha) to get a schedule. They then spend the day meeting chapters with the other PNM's and at the end of the day talk with their Rho Alpha about how the day went. At the U, we have four rounds of recruitment and bid day. Here's a breakdown of what those rounds look like:

Open House Round: PNMs will visit the chapter facility and meet members from all 11 chapters to learn about their values and what makes them unique.

Values Round: PNMs will visit and talk to a maximum of eight chapters. It is VERY common to talk with less than eight. This is the day to ask questions about finances and chapter facilities.

Philanthropy Round: PNMs talk to a maximum of five chapters. It is VERY common to talk with less than five. PNMs will continue their conversations in person. During this round, PNMs will learn more about each chapter's philanthropic mission and community involvement. Conversations become more in-depth and values based.

Preference Round: PNMs will visit and talk to a maximum of 2 chapters. Conversations are longer, more in-depth, and values-based.

Bid Day: PNMs receive an invitation to join a chapter and will celebrate with their new sisters. 

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