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Fall Fraternity Rush takes place right after Welcome Week and allows students to tour each fraternity and meet some of the university's fraternity men. 


Why Join?






4 Year Greek Graduation Rate in comparison the 62.61% Non Greek Graduation Rate

Interfraternity Council GPA

Interfraternity Council Chapters at the University of Minnesota

Raised by Interfraternity Council chapters for charity

Service hours completed by Interfraternity Council Chapters

1. Academics

• The four-year graduation rate of Greek community members is higher than any other organization on campus, as well as the general student population at the University of Minnesota

• Each chapter has its own scholarship program, which often includes study hours, minimum GPA requirements, and recognition for outstanding academic achievement.

• Weekly All-Greek study nights at campus libraries and finals study tables are great opportunities to study with friends and connect with people in your classes.

• Members of the Greek Community have already taken classes available at the University of Minnesota and are able to offer advice concerning professors, study tips, and their own experiences in the classroom.

2. Leadership

• The leadership opportunities within the Greek community are plentiful. Greeks are encouraged to further enrich their experience by holding positions within their chapters, as well as the governing councils.

• Many chapter members participate in various leadership development programs such as the Emerging Greek Leaders Program and the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute. Greeks are also continually involved in other campus organizations and programs, such as Welcome Week, Minnesota Student Association, and many others.

• The relationships fostered within the Greek community offer countless networking opportunities

3. Service

• As the largest student group on campus, the Greek community prides itself in its dedication to philanthropy and service within the Minneapolis and St. Paul community. Annually, chapters donate on average over 40,000 hours of service!

• Annually, chapters donate on average more than $240,000 to various charitable organizations.

• Each chapter plans and hosts events to raise funds and awareness for their chosen cause. Many are large-scale events, which members from other chapters within the Greek community attend and support.

4. Brotherhood

• The bonds made between chapter members and other members of the Greek community are truly unique. Members often refer to their chapter houses as a “home away from home” and their brothers as family.

• Chapters cultivate brotherhood by organizing events and outings, such as study tables at the library, fraternity socials, movie nights, and many other unique and fun events!


• Brotherhood also continues long after members graduate. Chapters have strong nationwide alumni networks that allow brothers to connect and support one another.

Use this form on to register for Fall Rush 2024. 

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