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Registration for Fall Recruitment 2021 will close on August 25th!
Any questions about recruitment can go to the Panhellenic Recruitment Team at

What to Wear

We provide clothing suggestions for rounds of Primary Recruitment, but ​keep in mind you should show your personality & wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Keep weather in mind as well!


We also suggest bringing along a purse with any essentials you feel you might need.  For example: small snacks, water, a light sweater, hair brush, deodorant, mints, walking shoes, or touch up makeup.

Panhellenic Round

Wear casual attire and match with comfortable bottoms such as jeans, shorts, or a casual skirt & be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Values Round

The recommended attire is a comfortable skirt/bottoms and shirt, or casual sundress. Comfortable shoes are encouraged.


Recommended attire is a comfortable skirt/bottoms and shirt, or sundress. If you’d like to dress slightly dressier on this day you may! Comfortable shoes are encouraged.


The recommended attire is dressier than the previous days. Examples include: cocktail dress, dressy top/skirt, dress pants, jumpsuits, and dressy shoes that are still comfortable to walk in!