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Any questions about recruitment can go to the Panhellenic Recruitment Team at
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Recruitment & Sorority Terms

Active: An initiated fraternity or sorority member who is affiliated with a campus chapter.


Alumna: A graduated member of a women’s sorority/fraternity (plural is alumnae).


Bid: A formal invitation for membership within a sorority.


Bid Day: A celebratory event in which potential new members receive a bid from a chapter visited during the final day of recruitment. 


Big Sister (Big): An initiated member of a sorority who serves as an advisor or mentor to a new member within their respective organization.


Chapter: A term used to describe the collegiate group of a fraternity/sorority.


Dues: Costs of being in a sorority.


Greeks: A casual term used to describe members affiliated with Greek-lettered fraternities/sororities.


Initiation: A traditional, secret ceremony/ritual that brings a new member into full membership.


Legacy: An individual whose relative has been a member of the sorority (Note: the legacy definition varies among organizations.)


New Member: A potential member who has accepted a bid from a sorority.


Panhellenic Community: The greater community connecting all the Panhellenic sororities at the University of Minnesota. 


Panhellenic Council (PHC): PHC is the governing body of the sororities affiliated with the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) at the University of Minnesota. This organization provides leadership and programming for the chapters. 


Philanthropy: A community service and/or fund-raising project sponsored by a chapter.


Potential New Member (PNM): An individual interested in becoming a member of a sorority.


Quota: The number of women to whom each PHC sorority may extend bids to during Primary Recruitment.


Total: The allowable chapter size as determined by PHC.

Greek Alphabet

Α - Alpha (al-fah)

Β - Beta (bay-ta)

Γ - Gamma (gam-ah)

Δ - Delta (del-tah)

Ε - Epsilon (ep-si-lawn)

Ζ - Zeta (zay-tah)

Η - Eta (ay-tah)

Θ - Theta (thay-tah)

 Ι  - Iota (eye-oh-tah)

Κ - Kappa (ka-pah)

Λ - Lambda (lamb-da)

Μ - Mu (mew)

Ν - Nu (new)

Ξ - Xi (zie)

Ο - Omicron (ah-mih-cron)

Π - Pi (pie)

Ρ  - Rho (row)

Σ  - Sigma (sig-mah)

Τ - Tau (taw)

Υ - Upsilon (oop-si-lawn)

Φ - Phi (after consonant: fie; after vowel: fee)

Χ - Chi (kie)

Ψ - Psi (sigh)

Ω - Omega (oh-may-gah)

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