How do I know what chapter is right for me?  

Although there will be some tough decisions, the recruitment process is meant to help you find the chapter that is best for you. By visiting each chapter you learn the personality of each and through out the process get to know the chapters better.


I have a conflict with a round! What can I do?  

You can still participate in formal recruitment!  Make sure to let your Rho Alphas know immediately & email


What does it cost to be in a sorority?  

During recruitment you will be given a presentation on financing Greek life.  During formal recruitment, each chapter will discuss finances with you. For some sororities there is the option for members to live-in, which is cheaper than many apartments in the area, and many chapters have payment plans that allow for flexibility 


Can you participate as an upperclassman?  

Absolutely! Our community welcomes all undergraduate women to participate in recruitment.


What time commitment is there?  

Being in a sorority is a time commitment, but one that is worth it. If you decide to be very active within your sorority and take on leadership roles, your time commitment will be increased. However, you will get so much out of your experience as a sorority woman when you invest the time to do it. 


What is the difference between going through recruitment in the fall or spring?  

Formal Panhellenic recruitment occurs in the Fall; Panhellenic Council organizes this in collaboration with every chapter each year.  It is formal because there is a set schedule and designated rounds with Rho Alphas to help potential new members.  Informal Recruitment occurs in the Spring Semester, generally after Winter Break.  Individual chapters are not required to participate and each chapter participating must organize their own events.  It is not any better or worse but is more relaxed and less structured.


I am not a typical sorority girl. Is there still a place for me? 

With 14 Panhellenic chapters on campus, 11 participating in Formal Recruitment, there is a place for everyone.  There is no typical girl or any sorority with only one kind of girl.  Every chapter has a wide variety of women who wanted to get involved and find a group on campus.  Sorority life offers a great opportunity to become involved and a leader on campus.


What is a legacy?  

Legacies are typically a sister, daughter, or granddaughter of women who were in a National Panhellenic sorority.  If this applies to you check with the national organization about a legacy form you can fill out prior to recruitment.

Do I need letters of recommendations? Where do I get them?

Letters of recommendation are appreciated by many chapters, but they're by no means necessary. If someone you're close with is a member or alumna of any of the chapters in formal recruitment (on this campus or any other campus), feel free to ask them to write a letter of recommendation for you. Instructions can be found on the websites of each international headquarters website. While each chapter treats letters of recommendation differently, if you've truly found your home on campus, a letter of recommendation won't be the make or break decision.

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