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This year prior to primary recruitment, the Panhellenic Council has created a guide to improve the transparency of member finances. This is in an effort to create greater transparency about the costs associated with Panhellenic life. This quick guide lists projected costs for the upcoming academic year. Because the costs listed are only projected costs, it is the responsibility of each member to know their financial obligations and inquire when pursuing membership in an organization.


The quick guide lists the cost of first year membership, which is typically higher because of one-time fees, the average cost to live in the facility, the average cost to live-out of the facility, and chapter house capacity, if applicable. Chapters have also provided the different payment methods that are accepted and the typical payment plans used. If you have any questions regarding the terminology or information on this page, feel free to contact us at or through the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Worried About Paying Your Dues?


This can easily be one of the scariest obligations of membership in a sorority, no matter the University. Here, at the University of Minnesota, we understand that you may be scared or have worries to fulfill the semesterly payments. We aim to be widely transparent with financials in order to best educate and prepare the women that are going to join our community each Fall and Spring through Recruitment. As leaders and knowledgeable subjects of our community, we believe we would be doing an injustice to our prospective and current members if we did not provide a list of common ways women pay their dues each semester.


Some of those ways are through:

  • On/Off Campus Jobs - Yes, it is possible to balance a sorority, job, school and other activities while still highly achieving!

  • The University of Minnesota Panhellenic Community Scholarships

    • ​10 Scholarships Offered Each Year

      • ​3 - $1,000

      • 7 - $500

  • Chapter Specific Scholarships

  • Payment Plans - Installments and Individualized Plans Per Member Needs

  • Loans

You may hear this saying many times throughout the Recruitment process, “you will get out what you put in”. Though this quote may be repetitive, it’s very true. We encourage all members of the Panhellenic Community to use their dues to its fullest extent by attending events, utilizing the facility, going to meals at the house, applying for leadership positions, etc. so you can optimize the value of your payments as well as your overall member experience in our community!

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